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Wadi Mujib

This is the only canyon generally known to newcomers to Jordan. It is a strenuous trek, with black cliffs 200 meters high, waterfalls and rock pools.

This is definitely one of the most exciting adventures in Jordan. It combines marvellous scenery, good exercise and abundant gushing stream water. The fun is capped by enjoying a 20 meter high waterfall. It does not require any particular preparation. All you need is a pair of sports shoes and a good spirit.

You would need ropes and abseil equipment which are supplied by the RSCN, and are included in the price. It is necessary to book ahead of time and places on the trip are in great demand.

Wadi Ghweir

Wadi Ghweir is a beautiful canyon from the beginning till the end. At the top there are magnificent formations and colours in the sandstone and lower down amazing hanging gardens of fern, oleanders and palm trees.

Easy on summer time, moderate in winter time when the water is deeper.

The distance is around 11 kms, about 7-8 hours, from Mansura to Wadi Araba close to Feinan

Wadi Hasa

Wadi Hasa is one of the longest canyon in Jordan. In all, the canyon runs for some 15kms and if you want to do the full length it will have to be in two days. Most people prefer to do the canyon in two separate days. It is easily divided into two : the upper reaches are in a gorge, often narrow and with ample water. No ropes are necessary, but wetsuits definitely are! The lower reaches are no more than an easy and pleasant walk beside - or sometimes in - a stream and among bushes, palm trees and often hanging gardens.

Wadi Hasa - higher up

Start off with an enjoyable water slide, and continue through and under boulders and down several other slides, all the time in water which can be cold! Several times you might need to swim. After about two hours you reach Wadi Afra, which is the way to leave Wadi Hasa if you do not want to continue to the bottom.

Wadi Hasa - lower reaches

The lower stretch of Wadi Hasa is a delight to walk. Bushes and flowering shrubs grow alongside the stream, falling sometimes in cascades from the cliffs. The cliffs themselves are wider apart, tempting small side valleys reveal unsuspected pools and more cascades.

Wadi Bin Hammad

Everybody enjoys a day at bin Hammad. No specialised equipment is necessary, and also easy for children. It is about 3 kms long, and to do it in both directions need around 3-4 hours. There is no way out from here, you have to come back to the starting point. You will be walking in the warm water for much of the time.