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Petra the World Wonder, without doubt, Jordan's most valuable treasure and greatest tourist attraction.

Entrance to the city trough the Siq you will reach Al Khazaneh (The Treasury) the most impressive monument.

Around 300 meters walking you will reach the Roman theatre, than the Royal Tombs. A  beautiful colonnaded street lead you through the city center where you can visit the museum.

High above, overlooking the walley is the impressive Ad Deir (Monastery), Petra second most famed attraction.

Hiking and trekking

From Dana guest house (Dana village)  to Feynan Ecolodge:

Visit Dana Spring, Qussaib spring and Attathe spring in the walley of Dana Natural Reserve.

Total hike: 7 hours

From Feynan to Wadi Namada:

Visit the copper mines in Wadi Feynan, the oldest copper mines in the world.

Total hike: 6 hours

From Wadi Araba to Petra:

On the way we reach Shqeiret Mesaid where you will have the chance to see the great view of Wadi Araba desert, the Negev desert in Israel and Petra mountains.

Total hike: 8 hours

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